Panties with legs Ice cream

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Rino Design AB

Panties with legs Ice cream

Panties with legs Ice cream

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Rino panties in cotton jersey.

Ice creams and unicorns make you happy!

Beautiful panties with legs. Why not have underwear you are happy with and which also fits well. This model is as comfortable as my other panty model but these have legs.
The panties have panty elastic in the waist and double fabric in the crotch. No side seams.

The fabrics that become panties are usually scraps from my other garments, some fabrics are self-designed.

Material: cotton/ea.

Washing: The fabric manufacturer recommends 30 degrees. 40 degrees also works, but the colors can fade more then.
No tumble drying.
Ironed knickers are absolutely premium, but a dot is recommended isf.

Sizes: Choose your usual size.
I have size S in the pictures.

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