Panties Red cat

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Rino Design AB

Panties Red cat

Panties Red cat

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Color and high waist , what more could one want from a pair of panties!
Red leotard with cats.

The panties from Rino are everyday gold edge. Happy cotton panties in a comfortable model that stays in place.
The fabrics are mostly scraps from my other garments, some fabrics are self-designed.

Finding the right belief model is not always easy. Personally, I like the substantial kind, the granny panties, the ones that sit where they should. These are also like happy candies.
Choose from cats, polka dots, swimming shoes, flowers...
The first time they may crack a little in the seam, but no problem, it's just a working seam.
The panties have elastic in the waist and legs, double fabric in the crotch.
Please note that the elastic may have a different color than the one shown in the picture.

Sizes: Choose your usual size.
The extra pictures: size S and respectively XL and XXL for comparison.

Material: cotton/elastane
Washing: the fabric manufacturer recommends 30 degrees, but I think 40 also works well.
No tumble drying.

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