Butterfly handle Rose gold

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Butterfly handle Rose gold

Butterfly handle Rose gold

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Butterfly handle in pink with gold dots

Lovely summer kaftan, loose and fluttery with a tie for those who so desire.

Versatile garment with loose belt and buttons: The model can be used in several different ways, useful mao!
I wear the butterfly shaft basically every day, over other garments. Usually open with the belt loosely tied in the back.

If you button the caftan and use the belt, it becomes a fancy dress. Or cool summer dress. Without a belt, it becomes a loose and airy kaftan.

Flexible in size. I have size S/M in the pictures.

Side pockets!

Soft quality with nice case.

Beautiful with rounded slits.
The butterfly caftans are sewn in soft, airy fabrics.

Material: Viscose. Shrinks slightly (do not wash viscose too hot).
Wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.
Tip is to hang it up and spray it with flower spray to get it smooth. Feel free to air!
Made in Europe.

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